Digital Marketing

Increase the audience reach with PPC and Ad Campaigns.

Digital Marketing

We specialize in promoting websites through digital marketing services like Pay-per-Click (PPC) campaigns on Google.

We have only one primary objective when it comes to digital marketing - "maximize leads at minimum spends."

Other objectives for Digital Marketing are:

  • Brand Building and Awareness
  • Reaching out to the relevant audience

Our Approach

  • Initial Consulting
    • Understanding your business, industry and study of competition
    • Identifying initial set of keywords in consultation with the client
  • Keyword Research
    • Analysing the keywords in terms of search volumes, competition, estimated impressions and estimated clicks
    • Finalizing the keywords and phrases for the AdWords Campaigns
  • Campaign Development
    • Creation of AdWords Campaigns which are cost-effective
    • Segregating the chosen keywords into groups
    • Create targeted ad copies for these groups
    • Create ad extensions and information for more effective campaigns
    • Create targeted landing pages as required
    • Implementing tracking and conversion codes on the website
    • Audience Research and Remarketing
    • Competition Study
  • Campaign Management
    • Data Collection and Analysis
    • Campaign optimization
      • Keyword Optimization
      • Bid Adjustment
      • Testing of ad copies and landing pages
      • Tracking of quality score
      • Audience Mapping
  • Reporting
    • Monthly reports to include but not restricted to the following:
    • Overall Account Performance
    • Detailed information on Keywords, Search Terms, Geography, etc.
    • Recommendations on steps to improve the campaign

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