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E-Commerce offers several advantages over traditional retail or wholesale.
Some of these are listed below:

Overcoming Geographical Limitations

The world is your market; it limited only by what you are able to service!

24x7 / 365 Availability

Your shop remains open even when you are sleeping.

Faster Buying Process

Customers can buy what they are looking for quickly since the travel time is eliminated.

Attracting New Customers

An eCommerce website provides flexibility to the customer to order at leisure without having to travel.

Lower Marketing Costs

The cost of promoting a website is far lower than traditional marketing.

Provide Comparison Shopping

Several eCommerce websites allow customers to compare products, go through reviews and make informed decisions before buying.

Enable Deals and Bargains

Merchants can run deals and bargains on short notice and even for shorter duration depending on their sales strategy.

Create Targeted Communication

Since the Customer information is available with you and also know the buying patterns and products of interest, merchants can send specific offers to a target group of customers, hence resulting in higher conversions.

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