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Mobile App Development - Overview

It is a well-known fact that mobile phone will be a big enabler for business and most applications will be accessed using hand-held devices in future. With a strong foundation in web technology and experience of over two decades, Designscape offers high quality mobile app development services to its clients. We specialize in development of custom-engineered mobile apps catering to the specific business needs of our clients. These apps are backed by a custom-designed, powerful, user-friendly Content Management System (CMS), which enables the administrator to manage the data on the mobile app.

Our mobile app development service extends to app-popular platforms like Android and iOS, and app-popular devices like Android Phones, iPhones, iPad and Tablet devices.

Technology Stack

Technologies : Microsoft
OS on server : IIS on Windows
Environment : Visual Studio,, C#
Database Engine : Microsoft SQL Server / PostgreSQL
Cloud Hosting : Microsoft Azure PaaS
Scripting : HTML, CSS, JQuery
Mobile App : Hybrid / PhoneGap

Why Choose Us

Over two decades in software development and web technologies

Great User Experience, Ease of Use, Intuitive and Quick Loading

Fully Architected Back-end CMS aligned to your business

Cross Platform development for better compatibility and reduced cost

Prompt and efficient technical support; personalized attention


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