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Mobile App Development - Overview

It is a well-known fact that mobile phone will be a big enabler for business and most applications will be accessed using hand-held devices in future. With a strong foundation in web technology and experience of over two decades, Designscape offers high quality mobile app development services to its clients. We specialize in development of custom-engineered mobile apps catering the specific business needs of our clients. These apps a backed by a custom-designed, powerful, user-friendly Content Management System (CMS), which enables the administrator to manage the data on the mobile app.

Our mobile app development service extends to app popular platforms like Android and iOS, and app popular devices like Android Phones, iPhones, iPad and Tablet devices.

Technology Stack

Technologies : Microsoft
OS on server : IIS on Windows
Environment : Visual Studio,, C#
Database Engine : Microsoft SQL Server / PostgreSQL
Cloud Hosting : Microsoft Azure PaaS
Scripting : HTML, CSS, JQuery
Mobile App : Hybrid / PhoneGap

Why Choose Us

Over two decades in software development and web technologies

Great User Experience, Ease of Use, Intuitive and Quick Loading

Fully Architected Back-end CMS aligned to your business

Cross Platform development for better compatibility and reduced cost

Prompt and efficient technical support; personalized attention


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